Rule #4: Enjoy Scrapbooking

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Another rule of scrapbooking has to do with its purpose. Regardless of whether a scrapbooker is creating scrapbooks for future generations or to commerate a special occasion, respondents agreed that scrapbooking should be enjoyable. Respondents argue scrapbooking is supposed to be fun and if it stops being fun and instead is stressful, then the scrapbooker needs to step back and figure out why or quit scrapbooking altogether.

Has scrapbooking ever become unenjoyable for you? How did you make it enjoyable again?

The Rules:

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  • Rhonda H

    I enjoy the artsy, creative side of scrapbooking, but seriously, it tends to get in the way of the stories and photos. That, and trying to make my layouts look trendy, and buying trendy supplies, and feeling like I have to learn new techniques; those things are a quick fix, but often I am discouraged by the results and have wasted time and money trying them. I’ve found that doing this type of trendy or artsy scrapbooking is okay every so often (or all the time if that is your style and you are comfortable with it,) but I’m happiest when the focus is on the stories and photos. And that is a revelation that has come after 10 years of scrapbooking and collecting a lot of “technique- based” supplies I don’t use. Good ol cardstock, adhesive and a little patterned paper can do the job. I can always keep an art journal for those times I want to explore and get artsy. Just my .02…

  • Scrapbooking is only unenjoyable for me when I place unnecessary pressure on myself. If that happens, I take a break or try something new. I can find it challenging to find time to scrapbook. I am going to try some of the Project Life options but still make 12×12 layouts when I have the inspiration and time.

  • Thanks for commenting. I like to look at the trendy and arty pages. I like to make them occasionally. But I also like getting the stories and photos down and I like that the best. It sure is a lot easier to use my stash if I focuse on the stories and photos rather than being super-arty or trendy.

  • Yeah, I have a real time issue. I’ve been able to scrapbook quite a bit over the last couple of months, but that’s because it’s too cold to do much outside and we have actually been home. The next couple of months will probably look quite a bit different and I won’t get much done. Thansk for commenting.