Pop Culture in Scrapbooks

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Though scrapbookers are influenced by mainstream American culture in what they choose to scrapbook, they do not often record popular culture in their scrapbooks.

A few scrapbookers regularly include popular culture references but for most this is atypical. For example, one respondent has an entire layout around the CD artwork from one of her favorite artists.

In other cases, the popular culture reference is incorporated into the layout. For example, a respondent includes a quote from one of her daughter’s favorite authors on a page about her daughter.

Do you use pop culture in your scrapbooks? In what way?

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  • Nat

    Yes, pop culture and news are important. I find we spend so much time documenting our personal histories that we should take a moment to provide a frame of reference for what was going on in the world at the time.

  • Thanks for commenting. When I did my high school scrapbooks, I tried to include a bit of pop culture. I made a page where I wrote the names of songs and movies that reminded me of each year in high school. I wonder if this might be one of the advantages of Project Life? People who are looking to fill each slot in a week might be more likely to include some bit of pop culture?