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By discussing atypical and typical scrapbook pages, what becomes clear is that most respondents scrapbook in typical ways—at least for them. They have difficulty identifying atypical pages or explaining why a page is atypical. Moreover, though there is variation between scrapbookers, by and large, most scrapbooks look very similar. They contain photographs, words, and embellishments on pretty, and generally colorful, paper. One thing that is true of most scrapbookers is that scrapbooking is never done. There is always more to scrapbook. For this reason, most scrapbooks do not really begin or end but continue on into another scrapbook. Generally, scrapbooks only end if they are about a very specific subject (e.g., a wedding, a vacation). Next week, I’ll begin exploring if scrapbooking is ever done. In the meantime, you can catch up on my posts on typical and atypical scrapbook pages below.

(A)typical Posts:



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