The Etsy “Business” Model

I don’t have time to devote to an analysis of this article from Slate on Etsy’s economic impact at the moment, but thought it is a worthwhile read in the context of Homeward Bound.

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  • jenniferswilson

    Amanda Hess is going to get some “oh no she di’int” on this one. I think she failed to actually read page 11 as she misses the point that the potential is there and it’s time for our institutions to catch up.

    I think it was in one of the Seth Godin books where he wrote about how our economy was built on an educational system of churning out identical worker bees. Though that’s no longer necessary, we’re still operating under the old principles….and I believe part of why so many of our well-educated peers have had stretches of unemployment. The system prepared them for a world that no longer exists.

    At no time in my education did I ever have an opportunity to learn about running my own business nor was it ever presented as an option. While there will always be those who don’t make the transition from hobby to business, there would be a lot more who could if anyone had ever told them it was possible.