Using a Kitchen Cart for Scrapbooking

IMG_9305I bought a kitchen cart a couple of years ago to use as part of my scrapbooking space. I looked for several months before I found the right cart that was compact, yet had storage space and was inexpensive. I found this one at Big Lots. I can’t recall what I paid, but I know it was no more than $150 (my limit for the purchase). I lucked out that this one also was in colors I found appealing and it has a drawer! My drawer above is a bit of a mess. I keep spare adhesive, rulers, pencils, a mousepad, and a couple of go-to markers for quick journaling. I keep my main adhesive roller and paper trimmer on top of my cart. I keep scissors, other types of adhesive (e.g., glue dots), and paper piercer hanging on the wall behind where I stand to scrapbook. I pull them out as needed, but they live behind me on the wall and not on my cart.


A bonus with this cart is that it has a towel rack. I hang old washrags/towels on it for use with inks and sprays.


There are two shelves that are hidden behind doors. I keep all of my photos on the top shelf in storage containers from Creative Memories. I have one box for the current year. I also have a section for discards (photos that I am not going to scrapbook). Once I finish scrapbooking a given year, then the extra photos go into more permanent storage on a shelf in my scrapbooking space.IMG_9308

The bottom shelf is really just storage. I keep my cinch down here because it fits well. I also have paper towels handy for messes and my splat mat. On the right have a Longaberger basket protector (I can’t recall what I am using the basket for, but the way it is being used means the protector doesn’t fit in it). This container is large enough to hold file folders. I keep ephemera in here. This includes ticket stubs, paper stuff from vacations, swimming lesson reports, and so on. For most of these items, I include a small note in my photo file reminding me that I have additional materials for the subject. IMG_9309

The top of the cart is large enough to work on a 2-page 12×12 layout spread. I mostly do 1-page layouts, but there is room for a larger spread. The spot where my paper trimmer and adhesive is placed actually folds down for even more compact storage.

IMG_9311Here’s what it looks like for one 12×12 layout.


IMG_9312Another key feature of my cart is that is on wheels. I scrapbook in the upstairs hallway. The hallway has built in bookshelves and a very tiny workspace. I roll the cart out from where it currently is and face away from the bookshelves. This way I can use the tiny built-in workspace behind me to set stuff.

Overall, I would highly recommend using a kitchen cart for scrapbooking, especially in small spaces or for the budget conscious. I think my favorite part is its height. It is counter high, which works well for me because I am almost always standing while scrapbooking.

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