Scrapbook Storage: Custom Built Bookcase

IMG_9369My largest scrapbook-related purchase in 2013 was this custom built bookcase, which cost $416.33. I had it custom built by The Briarwood.

I had outgrown the bookcase I had been using for scrapbook album storage and new I had to go bigger. I wanted something that would hold both scrapbook albums that were already completed, and have plenty of space for more.



I designed the bookcase so that there was a couple of inches of space of the scrapbooks to accomodate the occasional odd-shaped scrapbook. I also like that you can see the beadboard peeking through the back with this extra space. I also added a couple of inches at the front so that scrapbooks do not hang off the shelf.

IMG_9371I even have space for a couple of baskets that hold some of my mini-books.

IMG_9372One shelf can hold approximately 16 scrapbooks (my Christmas album has been moved from this shelf for Christmas).

I’m very pleased with this purchase. It is a large piece of furniture, but it works. It holds what I need it to and leaves room to grow. As an added bonus, I made sure it was at the perfect height to display my expanding globe collection.




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