Taking a Break

Dear readers,

I need to take a planned hiatus from the blog. This summer I am moving to another state and starting a new job. I’m very excited about these changes, but it means that I need to focus more attention on moving and my new job rather than this website.

I’m not going away. I might post periodically. I hope to get back into rouine posting, but for the moment, I need to just hit the pause button on the site.

Thank for your continued support and stay tuned for new posts in the future.



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  • Nat

    Good luck and have a safe journey! Looking forward to hearing all about it once you get settled.

  • Thanks!

  • DorothyCC

    Best of luck with your new job. I enjoy your blogs & will look forward to whatever you have time to share with us.

  • Thanks! I’ll definitely be back, but I am really strapped for time to devote to this site at the moment.

  • I hope that your move went well!

  • It did! We are slowly getting settled.