My summer hiatus in 2014 became a three year hiatus! In three years, I’ve seen many of my favorite scrappy bloggers quit blogging or substantially reduce their blogging. The Paperclipping Roundtable podcast has ended. Two Peas has closed. And I mostly only shop at Michael’s for scrapbooking supplies these days…I live nowhere near an independent scrapbook store. Plus, I have a decade+ worth of supplies I am trying to work through. I spend most of my scrapbooking dollars on printing photos and adhesive. I have enough of everything else.

I published two peer-reviewed articles based on my dissertation:

Medley-Rath, Stephanie. 2016. “ ‘If You Want to Do It, You Will Have the Time’: Combining Family, Work, and Leisure among Scrapbookers.” Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences. (open access)

Medley-Rath, Stephanie. 2016. “ ‘Tell Something about the Pictures’: The Content and the Process of Autobiographical Work among Scrapbookers.” Symbolic Interaction 39(1):86-105. (subscription based…if you want a copy, you know how to reach me)

I am done publishing from my dissertation. I am ready to move onto a slightly different topic. I am still interested in researching autobiographical work and the stories we tell about our lives, but the focus is not on scrapbooking right now.

Anyway, that is a short update. Will it be another three years before I post again? Perhaps. This website is a non-priority right now. (I just realized that I began writing my research proposal for this topic 10 years ago!)



PS: I’d love to get comments from anyone who still checks this website or subscribes to it. I’m curious if there are still any “readers” out there! 🙂


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  • mom2h

    Hey, Stephanie! Still out here trying to balance “family, work and leisure”! When I found your blog, I was so intrigued by your study of the sociological aspects of scrapbooking (which I think should be an official word in the dictionary by now, even though my computer still has it underlined.) I need to go back and read some of those posts! Summer reading, perhaps. At this season of my life, for various reasons, I have slowed down on scrapbooking. Not because I want to, but because I just don’t have the time or energy to think about it as much. My son is finishing his freshman year of high school and is involved in lots of activities…and doesn’t drive yet! I did go to a Wednesday-Saturday crop in February and got a large chunk of a beach vacation album done. I don’t do many theme albums, but this one, along with a tribute album about my dad have been a pleasant surprise. I like having an “end” to a scrapbooking project, as opposed to the 1 or 2-page event pages I typically do. It is very satisfying.
    So, are you still scrapbooking?

    Don’t be a stranger!
    Rhonda H